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ENSAPL and Polytech Lille, in the framework of the CIRMAP project, organized a Workshop from 1 to 3 December 2021 in Lille, in collaboration with ARMINES/IMT Nord Europe and University of Liège. The purpose was to design and manufacture the first prototypes of urban furniture using 3D printing technology, with recycled materials. The shapes were printed using a cementitious ink formulation that was previously tested at the ARMINES/IMT Nord Europe research laboratory.  

Some of these prototypes will subsequently be used to produce the final furniture which will be installed in the place in front of the Douai Conservatory. To commemorate a great orchestra conductor: Georges PRÊTRE. 

The optimisation and design of the shapes - developed by the students of ENSAPL - will reduce the overall quantity of mortar and the use of local recycled sand will reduce the depletion of natural resources and avoid landfill.

The workshop showed the successful collaboration between the different partners of CIRMAP!

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