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IMT Nord Europe and ARMINES partners of Interreg SeaBioComp's project

SeaBioComp – Development and demonstrators of durable biobased composites for a marine environment  
Key information
  • Budget : € 4.12 Million
  • Duration: 30 months (March 2019 – August 2022)

Overall objective 

SeaBioComp wants to deliver demonstrators of innovative biobased thermoplastic composites; with :

  • at least equivalent mechanical properties,
  • with -application dependent- tailored durability (2 to >20 years),
  • with reduced CO2 emission (30%), and reduced ecotoxic impact (due to microplastics).

Since thermoplastic composites are envisaged, the recycling potential of recovered materials will be demonstrated as well. Overall the ecologic impact should be reduced by >50% compared to conventional oil-based counterparts.

This should lead to a shift in mindset along the value chain, that the biobased composites offer a realistic alternative for the oil based counterparts. As a consequence, the implementation of the bioeconomy concept for marine applications can be activated and implemented by a multitude of especially SME companies. Public authorities can take the proven advantages into account for legislation and public procurement.

Main Outputs

  • A set of min. 4 semi-industrial pilots of thermoplastic biocomposites, representing the different composite production techniques and with tailored durability
  • Realisation of a pilot production machine for additive manufacturing of fibre-reinforced thermoplastic biocomposites at a large scale (1 by 1.5 by 2 meter).
  • Optimised analytical protocols to characterise and prove the tailored durability and measure the ecotoxicity effects of the biocomposites in a marine environment
  • Proven reduction of ecological impact by at least 50%.
  • The formation of a collaborative transregional cluster (7 RTO’s, 6 associations and 6 companies, 2 public authorities), that will promote a closer, more effective and operational cooperation among the key stakeholders within the bioecononomy (Key Enabling Technology) and more specific the biocomposites for marine environment

Lead partner 

  • Centexbel​ ​ 

Project partners 

  • CETI - Centre Européen des Textile Innovants 
  • Association for research and developement of industrial processing methods (ARMINES)
  • University of Plymouth
  • Marine South East Ltd
  • VLIZ – Flanders Marine Institute
  • Poly Products
  • University of Portsmouth

Observer partners 

  • Sioen Industries
  • Decathlon
  • The Blue Cluster (Blauwe Cluster)
  • Materials innovation institute (M2i)
  • deKlerk Waterbouw
  • Safilin
  • Weverij Flipts & Dobbels
  • British Marine
  • Werkendam Maritime Industries (WMI)
  • OVAM

Contact persons

Scientific contact : Mr Chung-Hae PARK

AFC contact : Mr Philippe Perceval