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Second International physical internet conference

   Début le : 06-07-2015 - Fin le : 08-07-2015

The conference will be also a joint event with the end of a major European project “Modulushca” with 14 partners. In addition at least six other PI projects (France, Canada, Hong-Kong) will present their latest results.The conference will be the time to meet the highly dynamic environment of European projects, share views, build consistency across continents, markets perspectives and problems to solve to make it append.Keynotes from key stakeholders of supply chains: manufacturers, retailers and 3PL and academics will stimulate the discussions in several workshop sessions: focused on subjects like: norms, handling of boxes vs. pallets…With promising impacts, enabling technologies, new business models and experimentations already underway learn, network and discuss the latest results and challenges about interconnected logistics. 

ParticipantsBecause logistics is global, participants will be from all over the world. Researchers, Industrials, International institutions members, Local authorities, Standardization committees…


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